A Complete Discography of James' recordings.
Songs are by James Durst except where otherwise noted.
Internationally Unknown

James Durst, guitar and vocals, BG vocals
Madhumita Chakrabartti (guest vocalist on 'Duranta Ghurnir', BG vocals on 'Hammer' & 'Internationally'), Ritt Henn (upright and fretless basses), Mark Murphy (upright bass on 'Twelve Gates'), Jagoda (percussion), Jeremy Goldsmith (recorder on 'Grace', with thanks to Jim Scott), Rick Gedney (mandolin on 'Grace', with thanks to Bruce Kahn), Rick Gedney & Michelle Rubin (BG vocals on 'Twelve Gates'), Fred Gillen, Jr. (BG vocal on 'Hammer')
Produced by James Durst, Recorded and Mixed by Fred Gillen, Jr. at Woody's House
Mastered by Dennis Wall at Off The Wall Productions
CD released June 2006

 1. Song from Slovenia
 2. Internationally Unknown
 3. A Mighty Day (Trad/Durst)
 4. Talking Life (Problem Solved)
 5. Twelve Gates to the City (Trad/Durst)
 6. Living on Borrowed Time
 7. There Goes the Mountain (Tom Paxton)
     Whaling is My Trade
       Thoughts of a Whaler's Wife
       Whale Soliloquy
 9. The Seeker and the Sign
10. Wealth & Consequences
11. Duranta Ghurnir (Salil Chowdhury)
12. Grace (Melissa Javors)
13. If I Had a Hammer (Lee Hays/Pete Seeger)


Work o' the Weavers/Live in Concert

David Bernz (vocals, banjo & guitar), James Durst (vocals & guitar),
Mark Murphy (vocals & upright bass), Martha Sandefer (vocals & tamborine)
Special Guest Appearances by Pete Seeger and Fred Hellerman
Performances were distilled from live appearances at Merkin Hall, NYC, celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Robert Sherman's 'Woody's Children' radio program, 5 January 2004;
Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse, Katonah NY, 13 December 2003, recorded by Mike Lavery;
Performing Arts Center of Easthampton (PACE), Easthampton MA, 7 November 2003, recorded by Dan Tinen.
Sequenced & Mastered by Jonathan Dickau/Diverse Productions, Poughkeepsie NY
CD released June 2004

 1. When the Saints Go Marching In
 2. Tzena Tzena
 3. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
 4. Wimoweh (Mbube)
 5. Poor Howard
 6. Buttermilk Hill
 7. Darling Corey
 8. Sinner Man
 9. Roll On, Columbia
10. Stayed On Freedom
11. This Land is Your Land
12. If I Had a Hammer
13. Si Me Quieres Escribir
14. Because We Share One Planet
15. Around the World (Flop-Eared Mule, Bright Shines 
     the Moon, Raghupati, Michael Row the Boat Ashore,
     Hey  Li-Le-Li-Le-Lo)
16. Goodnight Irene

Isn't This a Great Day for Singing?!
James Durst, vocals, guitar & autoharp & Ritt Henn, upright bass
Guest appearances by Maroghini (percussion), 'Banjerdan' Mazer (banjo, mandolin), Ron Sowell (harmonica), Ken LaRoche (soprano sax) and Children of Roanoke
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at The Sound Studio, Nashua NH, Gary Agresti, engineer
Children recorded in Roanoke VA, Skip Brown, engineer
Released 11 November 2002; CD only

11. The More We Get Together (PD/Arr. Durst)
12. O Susanna (Stephen Foster/New Words by James
13. Home On The Range (Arr. Durst)
14. This Old Man
15. Clementine (Arr. Durst/Henn)
16. The Riddle Song (PD/Arr. Durst)
17. Workin' On The Railroad
18. The Green Grass Grows All Around
19. Buffalo Boy
10. Magic Penny (Malvina Reynolds)
11. Old King Cole (Arr. Durst)
12. Itsy Bitsy 7-Legged Spider (Arr. Durst/Henn)
13. All My Socks (Durst)
14. Hole In The Bucket
15. This Little Light/Down By The Riverside
16. Kumbaya in 5 (Arr. Durst/Henn)
17. Somos El Barco/We Are The Boat (Lorre Wyatt)
18. Unsolved Mysteries Of The Anatomy (Words
Anon/Music Durst)
19. Polly Wolly Doodle
20. Starlight Star Bright (Durst)
21. I'm All Clean (Words Durst/Music '3 Blind Mice')
22. Red River Valley
Songs are traditional except where noted.


Element of Surprise
Recorded at
Rainbow Garage, Van Nuys CA, Rick Cunha, engineer
Avocet, Shelburne MA, Joe Podlesny, engineer
The Sound Studio, Nashua NH, Gary Agresti, engineer
Midnight Modulation, Saugerties NY, Michael Bitterman, engineer
Nevessa Production Woodstock NY, Chris Andersen, engineer
Mixed by Chris Brown at Hideout Hill Studio, South Salem NY
and by Rick Cunha at Rainbow Garage, Van Nuys CA
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer, AIRSHOW, Springfield VA
Released 3 June 2002; CD only

11. Happen This Way
12. What If...? (It's A Jumble Out There)
13. Burma Saved
14. The Entomology of American Participatory Democracy
(The Lessor of Two Weevils)
15. Pre-Minstrel Syndrome
16. Wish I Were Here
17. This Change Is Everything
18. Snow
19. Make Believe
10. Surprisium: Element of Surprise
11. Have A Friend (A Swiftian Proposal)
12. La Chanson de Massage
13. Not Another Gun (Fisher/Durst)
14. I Am A Seed of Peace (Durst/Naguib)
15. Come To Me
15. Hidden Track: Holiday Invitation


Like the Wind
Songs of a Wondering Minstrel
Recorded at
The Sound Studio, Amherst NH, Gary Agresti, engineer
Rainbow Garage, Van Nuys CA, Rick Cunha, engineer
Flashpoint, Austin TX, Bennett 'The East Side Flash' Spielvogel, engineer
Avocet, Greenfield MA, Joe Podlesny, engineer
Lakeside Media, Chicago IL, Victor Sanders, engineer
Blue Room, Taylorsville UT, Mark Chaney, engineer
Chandler Audio, Huntington WV, Ritch Collins, engineer
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer, Airshow, Springfield, VA 14 July 2000
Released July 2000; CD only

11. Song From Slovenia
12. Filled Up To Here Greys And Blues
13. Amarillo
14. To Jesus
15. Goin' To Missouri (Missouri Loves Company)
16. The Bleak and Frozen Tundra of Your Heart
17. In The Northern Hemisphere
18. Love Needs Proximity
19. Won't Somebody?
10. It Happens Every Time
11. Like The Wind
12. What Shall I Take? (Pham Duy/Durst)

Recorded Live and Mixed at The Sound Studio, Amherst NH
Gary Agresti, engineer
June 23-25, November 2-6, 1998
Mastered by 'Skip' Brown, Roanoke VA, 4 Dec 1998
Released January 1999; CD & Cassette

11. Lady Of The Gramophone
12. For Free (Joni Mitchell)
13. Lonely At The Top (Randy Newman)
14. In Search Of Mister Green
15. 15 Minutes
16. Growing Away
17. Good Morning, Baby
18. Song For Freedom
19. Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Trad)
10. Cantaloupe
11. Sakana (Fish Blossoms, Trad/Durst)
12. Marie (Randy Newman)
13. Thank You For Choosing

My Country Is The World
Recorded at
Avocet Studio, Bemardston MA, Bruce Kahn & Joe Podlesny engineers
Beachwood Studio, Woodland Hills CA James Lee Stanley, engineer
Cribworks, Austin, TX, Merel Bregante, engineer;
Fishtrax, Portsmouth NH, Jeff Landrock, engineer;
Flashpoint Studio, Austin TX, Bennett 'Flash' Spielvogel, engineer
Rainbow Garage, Van Nuys CA, Rick Cunha, engineer
The Sound Studio, Merrimack NH, Gary Agresti, engineer
Fall 1995 - Fall 1997; CD & Cassette

11. 0, Had I A Golden Thread (Seeger/Arr. Durst)
12. Qua Cau Gio Bay/Wind On The Bridge
12. (Trad/Pham Duy) Vietnamese & English
13. Bal i Provinsen/A Country Dance
13. (Bergstedt/Saxtorph-Mikkelsen) Danish
14. Sofdu Unga Astin Min/Sleep, My Child
14. (Trad/Durst) Icelandic & English
15. Gracias A La Vida/Thanks To Life (Parra) Chilean
16. Kang Ding Love Song (Trad) Chinese/Uighur
17. Ali Pasa (Trad) Turkish
18. Hana'ava Babanot (Trad/Amitai Ne'eman) Hebrew
19. Die Gedanken Sind Frei/Thoughts Are Free
19. (Trad/Kevess) German & English
10. Ti N'Avto/What Is This? (Morakis/Fermangolou/Durst) 10. Greek & English
11. Suriram (Trad) Indonesian/Malaysian
12. Twelve Gates To The City (Trad/Durst)
13. Song Of A Patriot (I Am My Own Little Nation)
13. (Durst)
14. Seeds Of Peace (Fiske)

and other journeys of the heart
Recorded at
Avocet Studio, Bernardston, MA, Bruce Kahn & Joe Podlesny, engineers;
Beachwood Studio, Woodland Hills, CA, James Lee Stanley, engineer;
Butterfield Studio, Chicago, IL, Jon Lindenberg, engineer;
Wendell Recording Studio, Wendell, MA, Bruce Kahn, engineer.
Fall 1992-Fall 1993; CD & Cassette
Digitally Remastered by A.W. 'Skip' Brown, Roanoke VA
Re-released November 1998; CD & Cassette

11. Next To You
12. Better Love Than Never
12. (Vaux Mieux L'Amour Que Jamais)
13. Every Now And Then I See
14. An Occasional Eagle (Fred Carter, Jr)
15. En Que Nos Parecemos (Trad)
16. El Condor Pasa (Trad/Anon)
17. Wish I Were Here
18. The Lowdown
19. An Old Man's Lullaby
10. What If...?
11. Starlight Star Bright
12. Cycle Song Of Life (The River Song)
13. I Wish You Good Evening

James Durst/DEMO
Recorded live in concert at Orange Coast UU Church, Costa Mesa CA
with Eddie Guthman, bass and cello
20 January 1989; Cassette only, OP


11. Happen This Way
12. Better Love Than Never
13. Love Needs Proximity
14. Wish I Were Here
15. An Old Man's Lullaby
16. To Jesus


Light Up The Sky!
James Durst & Ferne Bork
Recorded at Wendell, (MA) Recording Studio, March-October 1987
Bruce Kahn, engineer; LP & Cassette, OP

11. We Come For To Sing (Gibson/Young/Wright)
12. Life (Paxton)
13. Let The Joy Do Its Part (Riem)
14. Grace (Javors)
15. Amanda (McBroom)
16. NaCl (McGarrigle)
17. Light Up The Sky (Baron)
18. Tumbalalaika (Trad Yiddish)
19. Polyushka Polye (Trad/Durst)
10. If The People (Trad)
11. Let The Sun Shine Forever (Oshanin/Ostrovski)
12. Bridges Of Love (Fiske/Josefs)

Ferne Bork: How Can I Keep From Singing?
Recorded at Lakeside Studio, Chicago. IL, Spring 1982
Charles Johnson, engineer; Cassette only, OP
James sings harmonies, plays guitar, provides several songs

11. The Rosey Years (Pham Duy/Durst)
12. Wildflower Song (Lui Collins)
13. Song For The Earth (Bork)
14. Come To Me (Durst)
15. What Shall I Take? (Pham Duy/Durst)
16. How Can I Keep From Singing?
16. (Words by Anne Warner, 1864, & vs. 3 by Doris
16. Plenn; Music by Rev. R. Lowry)
17. Best Friend (The Unicorn Song) (Margie Adam)
18. The Rose (Amanda McBroom)
19. Gracias A La Vida (Thanks To Life) (Violeta Parra)
10. Seeds Of Peace (Stephen Longfellow Fiske)

Planetary Citizen
Recorded at Lakeside Studio, Chicago. IL, Fall 1981; released Feb 1982
Charles Johnson, engineer; LP & Cassette, OP

11. Song From Slovenia
12. Song Of A Patriot (I Am My Own Little Nation)
13. Cyprus
14. Heal In The Wisdom (Bridger)
15. Wind On The Bridge (Trad Vietnamese/Pham Duy)
16. It's In Everyone Of Us (Pomeranz)
17. The Garden (Javors)
18. Cycle Song Of Life (The River Song)
19. Little Child, Catch A Cricket! (Pham Duy/Durst)
10. A Birthday Song (Celebrate!)
11. Friends Don't Say Goodbye

Alive! In Concert
Recorded live at Solar Yoga Institute, Chicago, IL, 25 January 1981
with Bill Taylor, bass
Orion T. Osborne, engineer; Cassette only, OP

11. 0, Had I A Golden Thread (Seeger)
12. Song From Slovenia
13. The Bleak and Frozen Tundra Of Your Heart
14. Like The Wind
15. Better Love Than Never (Vaux Mieux
15. L'Amour Que Jamais)
16. Cycle Song Of Life (The River Song)
17. La Chanson de Massage (The Massage Song)
18. Get Behind Yourself and Push!
19. Polyushka (Meadowlands, Trad/Durst)
10. In The Northern Hemisphere
11. I Can See A New Day (Rice)
12. Healing River (Hellerman/Minkoff)
13. Heal in the Wisdom (Bridger)
14. Song Of A Patriot (I Am My Own Little Nation)
15. Little Child, Catch A Cricket! (Pham Duy/Durst)
16. A Birthday Song (Celebrate!)
17. Friends Don't Say Goodbye

Side One recorded live at Pick-Staiger Hall, Northwestern U, Evanston IL, 15 July 1978
with Robert Ganz, Dan Tinen, Larry Key, Jim Tullio, musicians
Gary Gand, engineer 
Side Two recorded at Associated Media Producers, Lake Forest IL, Summer 1978

Musicians: Jim Hines, Michael Gerry, Joan Burstein, Gary Gand, T.C. Furlong, Stan Ryberg, Luther Didrickson;
BG Vocals: Anne Schwartz, Vicky Hubly, Judy Storey & Josie Christopher
John Miller, engineer
LP & Cassette, OP

11. Cyprus
12. La Chanson de Massage
13. Nureyev's Feet
14. These Gifts
15. Wish I Were Here
16. Next To You
17. To Jesus
18. Do It For You
19. Credo (Get Behind Yourself And Push!)
10. Welcome Home

Recorded live at Barrington, IL High School, Spring 1976 Orion T. Osborne, engineer;
Cassette only, OP

11. In The Northern Hemisphere
12. Welcome Home
13. Filled Up To Here Greys And Blues
14. I'm My Own Grandpa (Latham/Jaffee)
15. For Free (Mitchell)
16. Lady Of The Gramophone
17. Song From Slovenia
18. In Search Of Mister Green
19. Growing Away
10. City Of New Orleans (Goodman)
11. The Guppy Song (Have A Friend)
12. There But For Fortune (Ochs)
13. Song Of A Patriot (I Am My Own Little Nation)
14. A Birthday Song (Celebrate!)

James Durst, vocal & guitar
Promotional disc recorded & released in 1975, Northbrook IL
9" Eva-Tone soundsheet, 33.3rpm, OP

1. Songs (poem)
2. Lady Of The Gramophone
3. Credo ('Get Behind Yourself and Push!')
4. Little Boy! Catch A Cricket! (Pham Duy/Durst)
1. The Guppy Song ('Have A Friend')
aaa. Whaling Is My Trade
aab. Thoughts Of A Whaler's Wife
aac. Whale Soliloquy


'Jim Durst'
Vocals, 12-string guitar & autoharp, with Charles Estes, bass
Promotional disc recorded live in Fullerton Junior College (CA) Auditorium, 
7", 33.3rpm, OP

1. Stoney's Waltz (Stoneman)
2. Don't Think Twice (It's All Right) (Dylan)
3. On Easter Mornin' He Rose (Trad/Leadbelly)
1. It Ain't Me, Babe (Dylan)
2. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (MacColl)
3. Deep River Blues (Trad)

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