– To the tune of ‘Little Boxes’ with apologies to Malvina Reynolds & Pete Seeger (6/26/13)

Little boxes in the beehive, little boxes filled with ticky tacky
Little boxes, bigger boxes, and more boxes all around
And the movers filled the boxes with the artifacts of our histories
The astonishing accumulation that, were it water, we’d have drowned

And the stuff lives in the living room and the bedroom and the dining room
The garage is overflowing with detritus from the past
There’s so little we can’t live without,
So we’re using this opportunity to divest, unload and discard
All the ticky tacky we’ve amassed

So as we dive in amongst the boxes, all the boxes filled with ticky tacky
Pray we aren’t lost in an avalanche made of cardboard sealed with tape
Send a search team or a Saint Bernard to save us from our lives of ticky tacky
Give us strength to become en-lightened and from the ticky tacky to escape

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