The Entomology of American
Participatory Democracy
(The Lessor of Two Weevils)

Words and Music by James Durst 
© 2000 PhoeniXongs ASCAP
I am a weevil broker
I buy and sell and lease
If you need a weevil,
Have I got a weevil!
Got two, if youíve got the grease

By grease I mean the moolah
These little buggers eat a lot
When you feed Ďem right
Theyíll consume whatís left
Theyíll devour evírything youíve got

And they have an insatiable appetite
They can adapt to the changing winds
Start Ďem at the edge
Theyíll work their way to the middle
Where youíd think they were the best of friends

They only look a little bit diffírent
But their functionís quite the same
Donít be a Doubting Thomas
Youíll get some of what I promise
In this town, I am the only game

I run a democratic enterprise
Iíll lease to anyone who can pay
Sure, they are expensive
But their resumťís extensive
And my clients seem to like it that way

So, Iíll lease you a coupla weevils
For 2 or 6 or maybe 4 years
And when the term is through
You can trade or renew
And Iíll throw in the smoke & mirrors

Iím the lessor of two weevils (youíve heard about)
The lessor of two weevils (without a doubt)
A challenge to believe, but itís all true
So when you want a weevil
Iím just a necessary evil
Iíll take your cash or your check or your charge or your IOU
So, when you gotta have a weevil
Iím your weevil Knieval
Itís the very lease that I can do for you


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