Pre-Minstrel Syndrome

Words and Music by James Durst 
2000 PhoeniXongs ASCAP
When you're flustered and bewildered,
Panicked and upset
'Cause the folksinger you've booked tonight
Well, he hasn't shown up yet
Not a word have you heard
He hasn't emailed, faxed or phoned
All your symptoms clearly indicate:
Ahhh, Pre-minstrel syndrome

It's getting close to showtime
The house is nearly full
Your ad and press release
Achieved unprecedented pull
But you cannot reach his agent
You left a message at his home
Oh, the splitting head and acid reflux of
Ahhh, Pre-minstrel syndrome

You know it doesn't happen often
So you momentarily soften
He's an artist, so we generally give 'em latitude
But, damn it, why can't he just call?
He has a cell phone, after all
Why can't he demonstrate a more responsible attitude?!

In a world beset with woe
His words and music grant reprieve
For a coupla evening hours
His gift of song helps us believe
So when that voice you know and love
Precedes his body through the door
Telling tales of torturous traffic
Like he's never seen before
He calmly pulls out his guitar
An' steps up to the microphone
You forget you ever suffered from
Ahhh, Pre-minstrel syndrome



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