What If...? (It's a Jumble Out There)

Words and Music by James Durst 
© 1994 PhoeniXongs ASCAP
What if this whirling world of ours, world famous and world renowned
All of a sudden hit a bumpety-bump and got jumbled all around
And all cities, states and countries got tossed out into space
And when they tumbled down again, fell in some other place

And some fell on each other, and some fell into the sea
But all would land at last far from where they used to be
And so the jumble made new neighbors of every girl and boy
Like when Illinois and Mississippi became Mississilly-nois

And Buffalokefenokee and Chattanooportnews
And Montrealbuquerque and Vancouveracruz
Joined Ottawallawalla and Kansaskatchewan
With Ogdenvermontanaheim in Califloregon

There was Madagascaracas and Zanzibarcelona,
Ho Chi Mindianapolis and Tokyoklahoma;
Islamabaden-Baden and San Cristóbaltimore
Toronto, Melbourneo, and Kobeijingapore

What Amsterdam and Indonesia made I can't recall
But of every place reborn, most serendipitous of all —
Nicosiathenkara stood unified at last
While Ireland, whose flames were fanned, recovered Dublfast!

No doubt you too can think up, with your grand imagination
How some once familiar countries became brand new combi-nations
Take some time to picture all the places that you know
And how they might commingle in this strange scenario

And what if when the dust had cleared, there stood face to face
Simple humans being every color, creed and race
And what if, in an instant, they recognized each other
As more than just a neighbor, as a sister or a brother

And sure, most siblings squabble when they don't see eye to eye
But rarely do those arguments mean that someone has to die
'Agree to disagree!' It's common to most families
The thread dissolves the threat that says we must be enemies

I heard it just the other day—the Arabs and the Jews
Are both descent from Abraham—a wonder, if it's true!
For here's an age-old enmity that's lasted quite a while
A classic case of family that's lived along denial

For if you are my brother and are sleeping in the street
And if you are my sister and don't have enough to eat
We're kindred spirit, kindred flesh, how can I pass you by?
It's there but for the twisting, turning dance of Fate go I

And what if all the energies that once empowered hate
Were channeled toward one purpose, just think what we could create
A world unbound by hatred, hunger, homelessness and war
Where songs like this that ask, "What if?" aren't needed anymore


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