Wish I Were Here

Words and Music by James Durst 
© 1974 PhoeniXongs ASCAP
Itís raininí here tonight
Splashiní on my window in the background as I write
The weather has been warm
Until this thunderstorm came up
To wash the heavens and prepare the world for light
And I wish , I wish I were here
Thereís no place Iíd rather be this time of year
But my thoughts are with you, I can see you so clearly
And I wish I were here

A fire warms my face
Crackliní in the hollow of an ancient fireplace
The embers flame and die
And as crimson fills the sky
They glimmer one last breath and disappear without a trace
And I wish, I wish I were here
The mountain is carpeted softly with deer
But my mind is on you, I can feel you so near me
And I wish I were here

Alone, I sip my wine
The muses have been kind to me, my work is goiní fine
But now theyíre danciní on my head
Aní urginí me to find my bed, aní telliní me itís nearly morniní
So Iíll scribble one last line
Itís that I wish, I wish I were here
The stream through the backyard is crystalline clear
But my heart is with you
I can taste you, my dear
And I wish I were here


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