Words and Music by Melissa Javors
© 1982 Nunn Publishing Co, Inc BMI

When you were young you wanted to dance
So you practiced the art of ballet
Teacher said follow the steps I have shown you
And youíll be a dancer one day             
And your heart has its own plan
And steps only you can create         
Every time you perform
Youíre a beautiful dancer now
Youíve been a beautiful dancer
Since the day you were born                  


So lace up your shoes
And let the music begin
Shake off your blues
Come circle and spin
The proof of Godís grace in this crazy olí place
Is that anyone dances at all

Now, when you were young, in search of yourself
Devoutly you practiced your faith
Mama said you must believe
If you want to remain in a state of grace
You are expressing the faith and the blessing
The dance of the human form
Youíre living in grace now
Youíve been living in grace
Since the day you were born


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