Internationally Unknown

Words and Music by James Durst 
© 2004 PhoeniXongs ASCAP
Youíve never heard of me            
Where have you been?               
Iíve been Ďround aní Ďround
This world aní back again              
Iíve got a website all my own
And a cellular phone
And still Iím internationally unknown

Iíve been expecting you          
Youíre right on time                  
So glad we got together
While Iím in my prime
You know Iím seldom more at home
Than when Iím at the microphone
Where Iím internationally unknown

Internationally, internationally
Internationally, internationally (2x)

Iíve kept my profile low
Below the radar screen
Iím addicted to change
And allergic to routine
Thereís no telliní what Iíll be
When Iím fully grown
But now Iím internationally unknown

Been thinkiní globally
And acting vocally
My songs itís been my choice
To render folkally
Iím melody and words
And rhythm to the bone
And still Iím internationally unknown


Ainít got no media hype
Ainít got no Ďbuzzí
No need to fear beiní a has-been
When you never was
Just carve ďHe sang for those who listenedĒ
On my stone
And ďHe was Internationally UnknownĒ

So, youíve never heard of me
Ainít no surprise
No need for either of us
To apologize
All this Ďfame & fortuneí business
Has got so overblown
I like me internationally unknown

And you can venture out most anywhere
Without a chaperone
When youíre internationally unknown
ĎCause all the stalkers and the paparazzi
Leave you alone
When youíre internationally unknown
Iíve got recordings of my songs
For your gramophone
And still Iím internationally unknown

Internationally unknown


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