A Mighty Day

Trad, Adapted by Bob Gibson
New Verses (ital.) and Arrangement
by James Durst 22 Sept 2005 
© 2005 PhoeniXongs ASCAP

I remember one September
When storm winds swept the town
Women and children were cryin’, Lord,
And Death was all around
The year was Nineteen Hundred
The day, September Eight
When the water came an’ washed that city away
Six thousand met their Fate

Wasn’t that a mighty day,
Wasn’t that a mighty day,
Wasn’t that a mighty day, great God, that mornin’,
When the storm winds swept the town!

There was a sea wall there in Galveston
To keep the waters down
But the high tide from the ocean, Lord
Put water in the town
Now, the Corps had warned the leaders
The levees would not stand
And when the water came
Sure enough, it swallowed up the land


You know the trumpets warned the people,
“You’d better leave this place!”         
But they never meant to leave their homes
‘Til Death was in their face
The seas began to rollin’
The ships, they could not land
I heard a captain cryin’,
God, please save this drowning man


The waters, like some river,
Came rushin’ to and fro
I seen my father drownin’, Lord,
And I watched my mother go
Now Death, your hands are icy
You’ve got them on my knee
You took away my mother,
Now you’re comin’ after me


You know, Nature has her cycles
Her fires, floods and storms
But unless we pass on greenhouse gas
It’s gonna worsen as she warms
Have we got so damned complacent
In these five score years and five?
We gotta wake, then shake our leaders
For this planet to survive


Isn’t this a mighty day,
It’s a mighty day,
It’s a mighty day, great God, today
For us to turn this thing around! (2x)



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