The Seeker and the Sign

Words and Music by James Durst
© 2003 Phoenixongs ASCAP

While trav’ling down the road of Life
I came upon a sign
It promised drink and sustenance
Could just ahead be mine
Alas, misunderstanding
I stopped to praise the sign
And would be standing, staring, starving still
Had I stayed with hope to dine   

For I realized the billboard’s role
Is to indicate the way
A course to whet the appetite
For the imminent entrée
But no matter how appealing be
The image it portray
A photograph of flowers can’t compete
With the scent of a bouquet

So I thanked the billboard for the news
And I left it far behind
I left the congregation
And the tidings they’d enshrined
For the message and the messenger
Had become so intertwined
That the definition ‘twixt the two
Could no longer be divined

All along my journey on this road
I’ve seen billboards by the score
With each one promising Providence
On some celestial shore
While carving Eden’s apple into shards
Of legendary lore
Seldom glimpsing, touching, tasting truth
Radiating from the core

There’s the path of Love and the path of fear
And we choose which way to go
And it’s Love that kindles the inner flame
And fear brings naught but woe
It’s no longer suitable to pretend
Not to know the things we know:
Both hell and heaven dwell within
Not above us nor below

While trav’ling down the road of Life
I came upon a sign


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