Thoughts of a Whaler's Wife

Words and Music by James Durst
© 1969 Phoenixongs ASCAP

Before you go, whisper once again you love me
As the waves of morning take you from my side
Let me know that before the day is over
You’ll return to fill my arms on evening’s tide

The whaling boats are taking you from me
To the sea
Every sunrise I enfold you
Knowing I might never hold you
Close to me again
Should the giant win the battle to be free
And the sea
Takes your soul into the deeps
Where the darkness never sleeps
I’ll just be me again
Me again

It is still the earliest part of the day.
The sun’s fiery fingers reach out and
swallow up the stars. The wife of the
brave whaler stands just inside her doorway,
her eyes fixed intently on the horizon.
It is four years since her man left her side
in the childhood of the morning to follow the whale
Four years since she last watched his dawn-gray
form disappear over the ocean of sand
separating them from the water’s constant
conversation. Four years…
she has sung these the wind.

Before you go, touch my fingers to your lips
And release a thousand ships inside my breast
Let me know that your love for sea and whaling
Won’t keep you forever sailing on its silver crest
Before you go, I love you so...

Then without a warning
A harpoon wrestles free
And all the world holds its breath
For a brief eternity
And in that timeless moment
I am one with ship and sea
And whalin’ is my trade
Whalin’ is my trade





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