Words and Music by James Durst 
1973, 1974 PhoeniXongs ASCAP

Don't wanna go out
Don't wanna stay in
Don't wanna be alone
Don't wanna see a friend
Don't wanna see the sights through the holes in my shoes
I've got the filled up to here with strange cities and travelin',
Feel like my head is unwound and unravelin',
I don't know when I'll be goin' again
Greys and blues

Don't wanna be in the dark
Don't wanna see the light
Don't wanna run away
Don't wanna stay an' fight
Don't wanna be a member if these are my dues
I've got the filled up to here with the airports I'm waitin' in,
Tired of the hotels that don't allow no matin' in,
I've seen that door and these four walls before
Greys and blues

BRIDGE Sun's on my face an' I can't even feel it
Windswept and worn down, I'm numb
If they don't give me rest soon, I'll just have to steal it
Take time out and turn in my thumb

Don't want no takin'
Don't want no givin'
Don't want no dyin'
Don't want no livin'
Don't want no lovin', for fear I might bruise
I've got the filled up to here with the fruits of my labors,
Feel like my backyard has too many neighbors,
Gonna stop for a while an' catch up with my smile
Greys and blues

Repeat first verse


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