Words and Music by James Durst 1980 PhoeniXongs ASCAP

Like the rollin', windin' river
I cut a path of least resistance
Despite an obstacle's insistence
I will get down to the sea
Like a sapling in a snowstorm
I can bend to keep from breaking
Despite my shivering and shaking
I will grow to be a tree

Like a cactus in the desert
I entrust my soul's survival
To the eventual arrival
Of heaven's precious gift
Still if I'd learn to put to practice
What I sing about in fables
Love would surely turn the tables
And these lonely clouds would lift

The sea gives up its soul so that the clouds can grow
The cloud expires to give life to the snow and rain
Whose death creates the breath of life for rivers' flow
Which gives birth to the ocean when it dies
And when its spirit's time has come, doth seek the skies again

I can trace my father's bloodlines
To a farm outside of Stuttgart
When Life weeded out the faint heart
With trouble, toil and strife
But my mom's dad was an orphan
So the trail fades just behind him
Now the years have gently lined him
Like a roadmap of his life

Like the wind among the treetops
I will sing for them who listen
Still the proof of my existence
If unheard, remains unknown
I embrace an ancient lineage
Of each minstrel gone before me
Whose lone witness serves to shore me
'Gainst the follies of the throne

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