Words and Music by James Durst 
1972, 1973 PhoeniXongs ASCAP

Winding out of Maribor on the road to Ljubljana
Flying past the mini-cars in our winged Americana
With a honk for roadside peasants and a prayer to some madonna
If you blink, you'll miss the mountain

Children of the highway selling flowers with their faces
Dregs of winter spot the ground with snowy island traces
We pierce the shrouded overcast in search of sun oasis
And I think I missed a mountain

O, I am a stranger here
But I'm kin to everyone
And in no danger here
I have no lover here
But with a mountain in the sun
I need no other here

And what an awesome tale unfolds when grass and trees awaken
Of Roman legions and feudal lords, their castles long forsaken
And the task this ground has served for each, and all life undertaken
And I think I'll kiss the mountain


Repeat first verse




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