Words and Music by James Durst 
1978 PhoeniXongs ASCAP

Jesus, you're a carpenter, can you fix a broken heart?
Or maybe build a new one, this one's about to fall apart
It wasn't built for the abuse that its short life's had to take
I guess it's not as sturdy as the ones they used to make

I've been wearin' this old false one since the original's in the shop
Where I sent it several years ago when it came to a sudden stop
I had lent it to a loved one, she gave it back to me in a box
The repairman's got it up on a shelf with some old Medieval clocks

And I know that he'll get to it just as soon as he has the chance
But so many things need repairin' that take precedence over romance

Jesus, please repair it, and never mind the cost
You know that I will pay it, you're not one to be crossed
And anyway, it's worth it; you've got to pay for something real
When the right love comes along, a heart's no good if it can't feel

Loving is like swimmin', once you've learned, you can't forget
But you'll never be a swimmer if you don't like to get wet
And if perhaps you almost drowned one time, an' caught a glimpse of the long, dark night
You'll never be free to swim in the sun if you never let go of the fright

My heart was built for lovin' and had regular maintenance care
'Til a storm struck its foundation and it fell into disrepair
Jesus, I am dyin' an' that's why I've come to you
I just had to talk to someone and the listenin' friends are few

I want to take up lovin' again, but my heart's all caked over with rust
From years of overheating, self-indulgence, pride and lust
An' tryin' hard to shelter it only made it weak and small
It's atrophied from lack of use an' not good for much at all

And I know fresh air and exercise will improve its lease on love
And you really should strive to heal yourself from within with the stuff you're made of

Jesus, you've been wonderful, you helped me see the way
I won't wait 'til tomorrow, no, I'll start work right away
And may each day see my heart grow and be healthy once again
To receive and give love freely, 'til the cows come home. Amen.


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