Words and Music by James Durst
1992 PhoeniXongs ASCAP


Larry Gray acoustic bass Howard Levy harmonica
Jon Lindenberg keyboards
A closing benediction wherein the composer/singer wishes for the listener all that he wishes for himself.

Howard Levy has distinguished himself among many things as one of Bela Fleck's Flecktones, and is the most gifted and musical player that I have the privilege to know; he is also one of the the most generous.

I was fortunate indeed to snare him for this session, and I feel even more blessed that this cut survived the loss/destruction of most of the master tapes from my initial Chicago sessions. It's worth noting that after a practice pass, Howard nailed the solo on the first take - complete with modulation - with but a single diatonic harmonica!

I wish you clear sailing, I wish you calm seas
May your sails come to life on the sweet billowed breath of a breeze
I wish you safe harbor, I wish you sweet dreams
May your tempest be never so troubled and tossed as it seems
I wish you clear vision, I wish you strong voice
May you walk straight and tall down the well-lighted path of your choice

I wish you good lover, I wish you true friend
May you find 'neath the guise of one person a balance and blend
I wish you full dance card, I wish you full moon
May the band know the music and words to your favorite tune
I wish you full belly, I wish you square meals
May you only know hunger for knowledge and thirst for ideals

I wish you bold venture, I wish you bright star
May you know someone loves and appreciates all that you are
I wish you rich harvest, I wish you glad heart
May your work in the world transcend work and come closer to art
I wish you good evening, I wish you Godspeed
May your journey through life be focused and purposeful
Rich and rewarding, enobling in spirit
In thought, word and deed
In thought, word and deed



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