Let me make this short and sweet.
I don’t do Twitter. I don’t Tweet.
Said it once. Let me repeat:
I don’t do Twitter. I don’t Tweet.
Some may think me incomplete
That I don’t do Twitter & I don’t Tweet.
As it is I rarely leave my seat
Sometimes I forget to eat
Got websites, Facebook, emails to delete.
So I don’t do Twitter. I don’t Tweet.
Life’s already much too fleet
Gotta separate the chaff from wheat
So there it is, etched in concrete:
I. Don’t. Do. Twitter.
I. Don’t. Tweet.
-10 July 2013

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  1. Marylyn Clark says:

    I, also, refuse to tweet.
    With many other ways to greet
    Old friends and new, why not defeat
    The Twitterers? Let them just beat feet!

    On Twitter? No! I will not tweet.
    I’d rather BBQ some meat
    Accompanied by garden beets
    Roasted on charcoal with mesquite
    Than waste my time on silly tweets.

    Or listen to a James Durst treat–
    Poetic or musical, he can’t be beat!

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