Hue Manatee's Quest
An Eco-Peace Musical for Young People of All Ages
1996-2006 James Durst/PhoeniXongs ASCAP


Hue Manatee: Docile, gentle, sensitive, vegetarian adolescent male manatee with a positive, ever-hopeful outlook--a kind of sea-going Candide; innocent, curious, intelligent but humble.

Flickati Cricket: Hue's new best friend and traveling companion; somewhat cynical, yet endearing female fiddler/singer. A musician facing a crisis of direction and purpose.

Leon Chameleon, C.A.: Renowned change agent and teacher becomes Hue's mentor, kind of a cross between Yoda, Dr. Pangloss and Jimmy Durante ("Ev'rybody's a chameleon!"). Teaches Hue & Flickati that change is not only inevitable but good.

Dolphin Trio: Females

Whale: Male bass-baritone

Shining Eagle: Northern Hemisphere shaman of the Imaji Nation.

Elle Condor: Medicine woman of the Southern Hemisphere Todos tribe; a wise crone.

Acapellago (Galapagosian 'street corner' quintet): Consists of 5 previously listed cast members differently costumed.

Source: The voice of Ultimate Awareness, All That Is, Life.

Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood & Goldilocks: Cameo appearances by mythical characters to illustrate Leon's parable, Lost In The Kuda Shuda Woods

Male Adolescent/Young Adult: Hue Manatee
Female Adolescent/Young Adult: Flickati Cricket (Singer/fiddler)
Mature Male: Leon Chameleon
Bass-baritone: Whale, Acapellago & Manatee family
Tenor: Shining Eagle, Hansel, Acapellago & Manatee family
Mezzo-soprano: Dolphin, Little Red Riding Hood, Acapellago & Manatee family
Alto: Elle Condor, Gretel, Dolphin, Acapellago & Manatee family
Soprano: Goldilocks, Dolphin, Acapellago & Manatee family
Source may be a synthesis of the above 5 voices recorded & electronically enhanced, played back to accompany the dance and multi-media production number.

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