Newest Release: ‘MY COUNTRY IS THE WORLD’ “A beautiful CD”–Folk Roots Magazine

‘My Country is the World’ is the reprised, remixed & remastered collection I first released in 1997 after 2 years of recording in numerous studios from coast to coast. Having gathered songs virtually everywhere I’ve played in some 45 countries since 1965, it first featured songs in such unexpected tongues as Vietnamese, Icelandic, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew and Danish. With the addition of 6 BONUS TRACKS, the album now boasts 20 songs in 19 languages. In ’97 Folk Roots Magazine said: “The diversity is astonishing. Durst’s sense of arrangement ensures that the material is both smooth and coherent, and he is able to unite the wide spectrum of cultures he embraces. This is a beautiful CD.” It remains my favorite child. I hope you’ll invite her into your heart and your home. Although the official release date is Earth Day, copies are available right here, right now. ORDER NOW and Celebrate Earth Day every day!
Vaya con Cantos, James


ECONOMIC STIMULUS: First CD purchased is $15, then each additional CD is just $10 + FREE SHIPPING!

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