My Country Is The World
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Reprised, remixed, remastered collection of songs first released in 1997 was gathered over 3 decades of international touring and recorded over a 2-year period with the help of numerous talented musicians in 8 studios from coast to coast. With the addition of 6 Bonus Tracks, 19 languages are represented in a full-bodied and lively 75-minute world of songs from such disparate cultural traditions as Vietnamese, Icelandic, Danish, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, German, Chilean, Indonesian/Malaysian, Chinese and others, as well as several songs sung in English.

James presents a colorful program of highly accessible multi-cultural music, richly varied in content, rhythm, mood and texture. The album is dedicated to nonagenarians Pete Seeger, Pham Duy (Vietnam’s Woody Guthrie), Tzena Tzena composer Issachar Miron, pioneering world citizen Garry Davis, Marie Durst (James’ mom) and Marvin Fennema (James’ high school choir director) all of whom Durst esteems as mentors.

“I’ve been extremely blessed for music to have been my ticket to the world over the past 35+ years. These songs that were at one time precious souvenirs of travel experiences, have become intimate friends and companions. My mission is to provide a footbridge between disparate cultures, reminding us of our interdependence with one another and all of life.” –James Durst

“Someone who has definitely got it right is the much respected New Hampshire singer-songwriter James Durst. For 30 years he’s been touring the globe, collecting folk songs en route and My Country is the World is the result. He sings in 16 different languages here…the diversity is astonishing… Durst’s sense of arrangement ensures that the material is both smooth and coherent, and he is able to unite the wide spectrum of cultures he embraces. This is a beautiful CD.”
– Folk Roots Magazine

“A wonderful journey through so many countries. A really beautiful work.”
– Diane Sward Rapaport, Author, How To Make & Sell Your Own Recording

“Shimmering! A superlative piece of work.”
Bennett ‘The Eastside Flash’ Spielvogel, Musician/Recording Engineer

“We enjoyed the music very much.”
Stevie Beck, Producer, A Prairie Home Companion With Garrison Keillor

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