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Newest addition to the Sidewalk Songs community of family singalong recordings is an hour-long CD collection of 23 songs that, like its award-winning companion videos (A Great Day for Singing! and Another Great Day for Singing!), are fun and easy to sing along with. In response to parents’ requests for a recording that could accompany family automobile trips, James has brought together a carload of tunes (car tunes!) both rich in melody and ripe for harmony. At once entertaining and educational, the CD employs familiar songs to introduce children to the sections of the orchestra (‘Old King Cole’), the sound of Spanish (‘Somos El Barco/We Are The Boat’) and irregular rhythms (‘Itsy Bitsy 7-Legged Spider’ and ‘Kumbaya in 5’).

Along for the whole ride is upright bass master, Ritt Henn; and joined for segments of the journey along the way are good friends Maroghini (percussion), Mountain Stage‘s Ron Sowell (harmonica), ‘BanjerDan’ Mazer (banjo & mandolin), Ken LaRoche (soprano sax) and Children of Roanoke. AND Special Guests Eb & Flo, James’ lookalike cousins, make several humorous appearances as well, reprising their video performances of ‘Buffalo Boy’ (with Flo on autoharp) and ‘Hole In The Bucket’; and adding a uniquely-crafted, canonical version of ‘Itsy Bitsy 7-Legged Spider’ in trio with Ritt’s arachnidal bass part.

Durst’s arrangements are fresh and fun, breathing new life into songs that are like old friends. They’ll have you singing together for a long time to come.

“I really like it; it’s a great kids’ thing!”
–Ginger Osborne, Philadelphia

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