Wish-I-Were-Here-COVERWish I Were Here
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A 55-minute collection unfolding like a live performance, beginning with the the personal invitation of Next to You and closing with the benedictional I Wish You Good Evening. Between them unfolds a vivid display of Durst’s vision of a world where peace begins with functional relationships founded on individual empowerment and compassion. Melodic, poetic and lighthearted.

Of the 13 songs, 11 were first captured as live vocal and guitar performances in the studio, then subtly embellished with complementary color or textural instrumentation and/or vocals. The intended result is both an intimacy and transparency reminiscent of a late set in a hushed listening room.

“Songs and performances that communicate effectively. A quiet gem.”
Folk Roots Magazine

A colorful display of talented musicianship.”

(What If…? is) “A great song!”
Peter Yarrow

A great album of highly original songs.”
Heartsong Review

“The album Wish I Were Here is fantastic. I Wish You Good Evening had me in tears; the harmonica solo (Howard Levy) is just beautiful. Your writing, singing and guitar playing is beyond this planet, James. I don’t meet many artists that blow me away, but you did in just 5 minutes.”

Joe Hesse, bassist, MSS Audio Services/Road Manager, Chick Corea Elektric Band

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