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Here’s a naked and transparent collection of 13 songs captured alive in the studio during two weeks of sessions in June and November, 1998. It features 9 originals as well as two songs from Randy Newman (Lonely at the Top & Marie) and another by Joni Mitchell (For Free), performed purely and simply with just vocal and guitar accompaniment.

“These are essentially duets, with the voice and guitar performing balanced and complementary roles one to the other,” says Durst. “I selected songs which pretty much hold their own without added ornamentation — simple and direct. The songs,” he continues, “should be able to stand naked, unembellished, just as in a coffeehouse or concert hall.”

“Remarkably ambient. The more I play it, the more I like it. A polished product from a well established troubadour. His version of The Lakes of Pontchartrain is excellent and I love the dynamic range of the recording. If you closed your eyes you’d think he was in the room with you.”
–Ken Lush, Folk Roots Magazine (June 99)

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